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FriendzTable for Best Guiding & Counseling Services?

  • FriendzTable has very vast experience in Guiding & Counseling Services.
  • FriendzTable provides outstanding customer care.
  • Our Guiding & Counseling Center is nationally recognized.
  • FriendzTable specializes in evidence-based, innovative approaches to diagnosing and treating patients with addiction, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and sex related problems.
  • We are also providing the best services such as Hypnotherapy, Anonymous Groups and Career Counseling.
  • FriendzTable has introduced high-quality Rehabilitation Center in Lahore which provides you better opportunities in your life.
  • FriendzTable Guiding & Counselling Services keep your mental health better.
  • Our best Rehabilitation Center in Lahore maintain your physical health.
  • Psychiatric medication given to the patients is totally dependence free.
  • FriendzTable makes your everyday life easier.
  • We have combined years of understanding with a nature curiosity in finding solutions to individual Carrier Counselling.
  • FriendzTable works to rehabilitate individuals into a life free of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • We know very well which Service will be the best for you.
  • FriendzTable provides professional counseling and Psychotherapy services.
  • 24/7 Support Services for Indoor Treatment.
  • FriendzTable best treatments include Drug Addiction Treatment, Psychosis Treatment, Alcohol Treatment, Therapy for Patients and both for Indoor & outdoor Treatment.
  • Our best Rehabilitation Center in Lahore has Emergency Department which is fully equipped to handle all kind of psychiatric emergencies.
  • We have advanced Treatment with updated medical and psychiatric service.
  • FriendzTable provides Drug Free Environment i.e.

Guiding & Counselling Center with Rehabilitation services

The nationally recognized FRIENDZTABLE Guiding and Counselling Center specializes in evidence-based, innovative approaches to diagnosing and treating patients with addiction, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and sex related problems.
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Hypnotherapy supports your attention to positive healthy changes. People find it easy to experience hypnosis and succeed in creating their desired changes.....
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Anonymous Groups

Support groups for addiction and alcohol use that can allow people to share their personal experiences. There are groups that can benefit anyone with any type of habit or addiction....
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Career Counseling

FRIENDZTABLE trusts that our career counseling and the professional program can help keep our clients from breaking apart in their objectives....
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Individual Sessions
You will receive a individual sessions from highly qualified therapist. In individual sessions therapist will listen u actively and will access your problems on intense level
Comfortable Clinic
Our clinic feels like a comfortable health & fitness center
Licensed Therapists
Your treatment will be performed by only licensed therapists


Safety Protocols
We measure all the safety protocols of all aspect
Experienced Staff
Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy technique


Therapy Goals
Setting goals are the best way to enjoy a successful outcome

Rehabilitation Center in Lahore

FriendzTable Best Rehabilitation Center in Lahore​ is the most famous center in Pakistan. When it comes to selecting the proper rehab center, there are sure factors to require into consideration. It may be an amazing task, significantly when you are not fully aware of what your necessities are. FriendzTable will assist you during this regard.

If you, or somebody you recognize, suffer from alcoholism, habituation or the other sort of addiction or dependency, rehabilitation is that the most dependable method of fighting the unwellness. At FriendzTable Rehabilitation Center in Lahore we have a tendency to facilitate individuals with dependencies realize the simplest treatment for his or her addictions at the proper treatment centers.

Our knowledgeable advisers and therapists primarily based everywhere in the Lahore and are all qualified within the numerous sectors of addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

The addiction treatment you receive are going to be designed around you as we tend to square measure all people with completely different desires. All of our employees have intensive expertise in subject matter and creating the proper selection for our clients for alcohol rehab and alcohol ward.

Trying to quit drinking is usually a troublesome time, associated it may be such a relief to speak to somebody who is an expert and has ‘been there’, for this reason, we decide addiction counsellors who will bring their own expertise of recovery to figure to assist those fighting addiction.

Hundreds of countless lives round the globe are being full of addiction and psychiatrical sicknesses, with several losing the battle before their time. Addiction and alternative issues make to disruptiveness and chaos not solely within the individuals’ life however additionally in society. Addiction itself could result in alternative mental sicknesses that if not treated properly or on time could result in variety of fatal results. We at FriendzTable Rehabilitation Center in Lahore believe that addiction may be a chronic illness – not a private failure. we tend to facilitate folks beat the illness and acquire ahead in life. we tend to believe additional possibilities than simply one.

Our full-fledged advisors will guide you with an excellent deal of private sympathy through their own life expertise of addiction recovery. We have medically approved and trained professionals also comfortable, with a high staff to patient ratio

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