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FriendzTable has been a famous hypnotherapy in Lahore for many years. We have experienced hypnosis and Best Hypnotherapist in Lahore. We have combined our hypnotic techniques with advanced modern mind satisfaction to help you. FriendzTable experts in personal development, weight loss, psycho-sexual issues, fears and phobias. We have worked with many clients across a broad spectrum of treatments with high success rates based on client feedback. So, expert recommended FriendzTable for Hypnotherapy in Lahore.

FriendzTable has skilled, experienced and Best Hypnotherapist in Lahore to offer exceptional service. we have been using clinical Hypnotherapy in Lahore to help people for many years. we also specialize in working to manage, stopping smoking, phobia removal and confidence-boosting. FriendzTable provides a tailored treatment based on client needs. Our main objective is to provide you with a personal and effective approach to your treatment that is rooted in the real world. We practice Advanced Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Lahore, and uses the modern techniques to help clients to overcome their Insomnia, Anxiety,  Addictions, Phobias and Confidence etc.

Most Prominent Types of Hypnotherapy in Lahore

Following are the most prominent types of Hypnotherapy which deal FriendzTable Best Hypnotherapist in Lahore.

  • Hypnotherapy For Addiction
  • Hypnotherapy For Nicotine Addiction
  • Hypnotherapy For Cannabis Addiction
  • Hypnotherapy For Cocaine Addiction
  • Hypnotherapy For Screen Addiction
  • Hypnotherapy For Anxiety
  • Hypnotherapy For Public Speaking
  • Hypnotherapy For Phobias


FriendzTable Hypnotherapy in Lahore may help to reduce the craving associated with addiction. Our Best Hypnotherapist in Lahore uses latest Hypnotherapy and teaches self-hypnosis relaxation modern techniques to treat different types of addiction i.e. a strong and effective way to become free from addiction and a unique combination of modern hypnosis.

What is Anxiety? Anxiety is that the mis-use of the imagination…. Anxiety connected conditions area unit the foremost common form of psychological afflictions an individual might expertise, they account for a significant share of visits to doctors and psychiatrists. These conditions don’t seem to be the results of personal weakness or maybe character flaws. they will be caused by a mixture of things, together with environmental stresses, chemical changes within the brain, and sometimes involuntary systema nervosum imbalances inside the body. Hypnotherapy for anxiety rapid and effective treatment with Best Hypnotherapist in Lahore who provides you Cognitive Hypnotherapy, and coaching you straightforward however powerful ‘thought stopping’ advanced techniques to snap you out of the ‘anxious thinking’ negative loop.

FriendzTable Best Hypnotherapist in Lahore also provides Hypnotherapy treatment for Phobias. A phobia is associate irrational concern of a specific information. This information will be a scenario, a thing, or associate activity. folks with phobias can either visit nice lengths to avoid no matter it is they concern, or they’ll tolerate it with significant anxiety. For some people, an anxiety disorder will trigger panic attacks. In severe cases the anxiety disorder will find yourself virtually dominant a person’s life. Public Speaking is quite amazingly the amount one anxiety disorder.

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